I don’t Have to Say It –

Since Ace did:

“Unresolved: Will Edwards now start dating the alternate juror he flirted with?”

John Edwards walks with a mistrial on 5 of 6 and a not-guilty on the sixth charge.  But he’s now free to do whatever he pleases with the alternate juror who so captured his attention during the trial.


Let Me See if I Understand This

Convicted Speedway bomber Brett Kimberlin is harassing conservative bloggers.  Brett Kimberlin does not appear to have a real job – instead he heads some 501(c)3 organizations.  These organizations are funded in part by the Tides Foundation.  George Soros donates millions of dollars to the Tides Foundation.  Therefore, George Soros is funding a convicted terrorist bomber’s crusade against conservatives.

Aaron Walker

Patrick Frey [Patterico]

Robert Stacy McCain

Ace of Spades  “His associates and donors probably know he’s a bad man — and they probably appreciate having a Bad Man to do their Dirty Business.”

But Amazon.com is worried about ALEC [HuffPo via Legal Insurrection]

“The giant Internet retailer Amazon.com Thursday said it will withdraw its membership from the American Legislative Exchange Council, the conservative public policy group that engineered controversial “stand your ground” gun laws and sweeping voter ID requirements that critics say threaten to disenfranchise minority voters.”

On a side note: I think it’s beginning to look like Amazon.com supports terrorists.  Should I continue to support Amazon.com?


Legal Insurrection

And the Upward Revisions Continue –

In the jobless numbers:

“Initial claims for state unemployment benefits slipped 2,000 to a seasonally adjusted 370,000, the Labor Department said. The prior week’s figure was revised up to 372,000 from the previously reported 370,000.”

[Reuters story @ Yahoo.com.]

As many others have pointed out [Zerohedge, for example] each week they adjust the previous week’s numbers up enough to make the reduce the impact of the current week’s numbers.  

Someone Should Ask President Obama What

he thinks about private citizens being targeted for their political views – based on this link by Ann Althouse to a story on host.madison.com.

“Janesville teachers and their supporters expressed outrage this week after an anonymous group distributed fliers listing their salaries and urging parents to request their child be assigned to a “non-radical teacher” next year.”

Obama had no trouble posting links direct to individuals based on the political leanings and reminding them that he’s the one who holds the pitchforks at bay.  I’ll stereotype all these teachers into 1 group and assume that many of them voted for Obama in 2008 and will again in 2012.  If they don’t like these tactics used against themselves, they should not support those who use them on others.

This Daily Mail…

This Daily Mail [UK] story about Obama’s SAT scores and grades is nice – as Surber pointed out, if you want reporting in the mainstream media about this President, you have to go across the ocean.  It’s based on the Breitbart story, but the comments are hilarious.

Someone named Varicose, Veins: “…This story sounds like a set up by the democrats to see who will jump on it, then they will divulge Obama’s true grades which were probably higher than Bush, You ever notice there is never any clear information on Obama? its always warped in some way?” – Actually arguing that the media’s shield around Obama is somehow working against Obama.  “…probably higher than Bush” – Why?  Because they’re hidden so well? 

Terri: “Grade Point Average is a MUCH better indicator of success in college or university than a test score; this has been demonstrated over and over again in the academy.”  So press for Obama to release his grades.  The other point of the article was that his grades probably sucked because they weren’t released.  Obama’s grades are locked up tighter than details about the Osama Bin Laden raid and the identities of MI-6 double-agents.  If he was really that smart – they’d have been released by now.

Flame War!!

I like the web-comic The Oatmeal.  I read articles posted at Forbes.com.  Here is what happens when they don’t get along.

The Oatmeal comic that started it.

The Forbes response.

The Oatmeal response to the Forbes article. 

Read them all – good stuff.

I’ll agree with The Oatmeal’s author – Tesla is drastically undersold.  However – I think both of them miss a central point about radar’s usefulness for tracking U-boats in WW I.  U-boats spent most of their time on the surface – they were diesel-powered, small, cramped, slow above surface, and even slower below.  When they were submerged they ran on battery – 1914 era battery technology.  They could only spend extended time under water if they moved at speeds in the 1-3 knot range.  Convoys moved at speeds of 10-14 knots.  Radar – if sufficient advances had been made – would have been able to detect surfaced U-boats and allow the destroyers and other escort ships to chase them underwater while the convoy sailed past.

This is not to say it would have been easy – or that Tesla’s Radar would have saved lives.  The technology didn’t exist.  Even in WWII shipborne radar was in its infancy – the US Navy had it and the Japanese Navy did not and this allowed the US Navy to win the few gun battles that occurred.  In WWI, radar would have been hard-pressed to detect a U-boat’s exposed conning tower and lower hull against anything except the calmest seas.

By the Biden Standard…

Democrats in 2002, 2004, and 2006 were apparently focused on helping Bush and Republicans win re-election. 

At least that’s my take away from this Washington Examiner story where he’s quoted as saying:

“Imagine where we’d be if the Tea Party hadn’t taken control of the House of Representatives,” Biden said adding that they were “a group set on obstructionism.”

“They have one overwhelming goal: prevent President Obama from a second term, with no – apparently no care of the consequences to the economy,” he said. Biden insisted that the president persevered in spite of their obstruction and demonstrated “important progress” that could be measured.

Wow – this is special.  I’m not a big believer in the ‘Obama’s gonna choose Hillary in 2012 because Biden is dumb’ meme that seems to appear from time-to-time on the internet.  But if Super-Joe keeps this up, it might just happen.  Does he really intend to imply that the opposition party – when Democrats are the opposition – are usually helping the President?  Does he need a reminder that unemployment bottomed at 4.4% under Bush until the Democrats took the majority of both houses and pushed their laws?  [IIRC – May 2007 or 4 months after the Dems took over.]  It took the Dems 4 months to start to destroy the prosperity under Bush, and over 3 years later they claim they can’t get it back because Republicans took control of the House with the help of the Tea Party.

A special thanks to all those media organizations that pushed Obama/Biden in 2008 because the VP candidate on the Democrat side was so super-smart.