Democrats and Nazis [And I hate Illinois Nazis…]

I was looking up information on something referenced about the coming collapse of the stock market and came across the website of Stephen Hicks; PhD.

Good reading here:

As would be expected by the socialist part of National Socialism, the guiding principle of Nazi economics was that all property belongs to the people, the Volk, and was to be used only for the good of the people. Just as one’s body is no longer one’s private possession but rather belongs to the whole community, economic property was no longer anyone’s private possession but to be used by State permission and only for the good of the people.

There’s some issues with this page that I have – notably that Hitler outlawed all labor unions – or independent unions.  Information that he get’s from Shirer.  Nazis were the National Socialist German Workers Party – Nazis were the union.  And I’ll argue all day that there is nothing independent about the current incarnation of the AFL-CIO, SEIU, and other unions.  They exist to do the Democrats’ dirty work

This brings to light the situation the modern Democratic party has roped itself into.  On one hand it argues that they’ve got a better use for your property than you do – Ms Warren of Massachusetts and others – but it can’t figure out how to argue that you’ve got no right to your property without following the Nazi path.

I don’t wish them luck.



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