Moonbeam Pulls a Walker

This LA Times has a nice article about the fiscal mess California is in.  Buried in the story is funny [in a partisan way] bit ” … the governor is trying to patch the unexpectedly large budget gap with any spare change he can find, including $300 million the state received as part of the national settlement on mortgage wrongdoing and $1.4 billion in funds surrendered by local redevelopment agencies in January.”  [emphasis mine] This is one of the things Scott Walker tried in Wisconsin that was roundly criticized [rightly, in my opinion] by the left.

In California, however, Brown is getting away with it with nary a peep.  The left is silent – conspicuously so.  One would think that the larger settlement that California received would generate a larger outcry – until it was remembered that Democrats never have to listen to the outcry that Republicans do.


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