Did They Really Intend This?

Investors Business Daily’s story about the narcissist-in-chief:

“It was probably to be expected from a monstrous political ego that considers himself among the top two presidents of the 21st century.” [emphasis mine]

Funny.  Did they intend it to be?  Obviously, this President who is a really strong B+ has a right to put himself into whatever biography he wants.  I’m with Glenn Reynolds: “Actually, this isn’t narcissism, exactly, but something worse. Given that Obama surely didn’t insert these changes himself, it suggests an attitude within his staff, not just a personal failing of Obama’s.”

Obama’s staff is as bad as the press.  They can’t imagine why their actions in support of him are actually causing harm to his Presidency.  20 years from now, when historians are applying their critique of his Presidency, it will come to light what a joke he really was.

Until then, the joke is on us.


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