I’m Sure Obama is Longing for Some Dullness

The ‘Kenyan born’ stories are not going away – the media is trying desperately to defend him; but the core charge – that Obama lied to get ahead – never goes away.  The CBS story about the ‘birther’ charge coming back and this Media Matters attack on Roger Simon at Pajamas Media are just two more examples.

I’m guessing Obama is longing for a little dullness about his history right now.  [I should not be linking to a Malcolm Reynolds quote w.r.t. Obama – but I’ll make an exception.

Strangely – Obama could make this all go away by releasing his birth certificate and acknowledging a self-serving error on his literary bio.  Poof!  All gone.  He’s either not that smart – or he’s hiding something.

This is gonna be interesting.  I just hope Romney focuses on just the economy [Surber rule].


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