This Daily Mail…

This Daily Mail [UK] story about Obama’s SAT scores and grades is nice – as Surber pointed out, if you want reporting in the mainstream media about this President, you have to go across the ocean.  It’s based on the Breitbart story, but the comments are hilarious.

Someone named Varicose, Veins: “…This story sounds like a set up by the democrats to see who will jump on it, then they will divulge Obama’s true grades which were probably higher than Bush, You ever notice there is never any clear information on Obama? its always warped in some way?” – Actually arguing that the media’s shield around Obama is somehow working against Obama.  “…probably higher than Bush” – Why?  Because they’re hidden so well? 

Terri: “Grade Point Average is a MUCH better indicator of success in college or university than a test score; this has been demonstrated over and over again in the academy.”  So press for Obama to release his grades.  The other point of the article was that his grades probably sucked because they weren’t released.  Obama’s grades are locked up tighter than details about the Osama Bin Laden raid and the identities of MI-6 double-agents.  If he was really that smart – they’d have been released by now.


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