Let Me See if I Understand This

Convicted Speedway bomber Brett Kimberlin is harassing conservative bloggers.  Brett Kimberlin does not appear to have a real job – instead he heads some 501(c)3 organizations.  These organizations are funded in part by the Tides Foundation.  George Soros donates millions of dollars to the Tides Foundation.  Therefore, George Soros is funding a convicted terrorist bomber’s crusade against conservatives.

Aaron Walker

Patrick Frey [Patterico]

Robert Stacy McCain

Ace of Spades  “His associates and donors probably know he’s a bad man — and they probably appreciate having a Bad Man to do their Dirty Business.”

But Amazon.com is worried about ALEC [HuffPo via Legal Insurrection]

“The giant Internet retailer Amazon.com Thursday said it will withdraw its membership from the American Legislative Exchange Council, the conservative public policy group that engineered controversial “stand your ground” gun laws and sweeping voter ID requirements that critics say threaten to disenfranchise minority voters.”

On a side note: I think it’s beginning to look like Amazon.com supports terrorists.  Should I continue to support Amazon.com?


Legal Insurrection


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