I’d Say They’ve Done Enough –

RCP Lists the headline as “Wealth Erased: Government Will Need to Do a Lot More – New York Times” but when I clicked the link, the headline was only:


Still – the body of the story includes:

“What’s needed now is even more support, including federal spending on education and public-works projects to create jobs, targeted tax credits for hiring, programs to deliver mortgage relief that supports house prices by keeping Americans in their homes, as well as a renewed commitment to financial regulation to ensure that the system doesn’t melt down again. “

And the self-serving BS of the Editors: “The Republicans — for reasons of ideology and self-serving election-year politics — are determined to block all of these necessary programs.”  Hasn’t Obama done enough? 

Further – Obama is the one that delivered bloated, unworkable budgets to Congress that were voted down 99-0.  How is this really the Republican’s fault?  How does the complete lack of recovery during the first 2 years of Obama’s term when Democrats had complete control of both Houses of Congress fall in the Republican’s lap?  Was there a recovery then that I missed?  Or was the lack of a recovery part of the reason for the “shellacking” that the Democrats got in 2010?


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