But not Suave.

Reading this Guardian article I can’t help but wonder why there isn’t a RICO prosecution in this story.

“We have been investing a lot of effort over the past couple of years to understand the industry and where the leverage points are and I think we are close to this point and finance institutions should be put on notice that not only Greenpeace but others are going to be putting them under much greater scrutiny.”
“Our aim is to get all banks to say we won’t make loans to oil, coal, gas and deforestation-related activity. We want to shut off the flow of capital. The time is right because the banks are at their most vulnerable in terms of public legitimacy.”
It’s not just the banks that will be targeted but also the pension funds. Naidoo, who was an anti-apartheid activist from the age of 15 and arrested and charged for violating state of emergency regulations in 1986, said it was simply unacceptable that pension funds invested money in activities that the owners of the money would not find acceptable.”

Racketeering by Dictionary.com


Greenpeace is openly threatening legitimate businesses because they disagree with their environmental stance.  I’m not surprised they feel this way, but I am surprised that they are so brazen by it.  Will Holder do the right thing and charge Greeenpeace under RICO?


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