A Question Still Not Answered

InstaPundit links to this Neil Munro article at Daily Caller about Romney not answering questions on the possibility of repealing Obama’s immigration edict.  Munro is the Daily Caller reporter who had the temerity to ask Obama questions in his Rose Garden speech.  The only reporter that dared to ask a question.  Of course, in Sam Donaldson’s eyes this makes Munro a racist.

A question still not answered – ‘How is anyone to determine which illegal immigrants came over when they were less than 16 years of age?’  “The White House’s statement says it will stop applying immigration law against 800,000 people who arrived in the country before age 16, and who are still younger than 31.” as written by the Daily Caller.  This looks like an attempt at blanket amnesty for any illegal immigrant under 31 – or those who came after Reagan’s amnesty. [passed in 1986 [or thereabouts] but extended back to 1982]  In other words – Brian Terry and all the other Border Patrol agents killed in the line of duty died for nothing. 


One thought on “A Question Still Not Answered

  1. If we put half as much effort into protecting our borders as we do protecting arbitrary borders in the middle east, Korea, and various other borders abroad we would not be up to our necks in illegals.

    But our process of gaining access to this country and becoming a citizen needs to be simplified.

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