How Does She Do It?

Maxine Waters is still in Congress.  I know this for several reasons – but most recently – because of this Denver Post Blog posting where she displayed her feelings toward Republicans – “We cannot allow the opportunities that America stands for to be eroded by those who simply want to bring this president down,” and then followed that up with a call to the Tea Party to “…let’s get it on.”.  How does she get away with this behavior?

Notwithstanding the violent imagery that I thought Democrats were so heartily against; I can’t help but wonder how it is that a Democrat with her ethics record – and who is currently facing ethics charges – is such a leading figure for Obama’s re-election.  I will take this opportunity to remind my reader that no Republican with her ethics background would be able to talk about Democrats in this manner without the full sound and fury of the LSM brought to bear.  Further, the violent imagery she brings about with her “let’s get it on” is already equivalized [not a word] with shooting innocent people [ala Palin wrt the Giffords shooting.]

It would be nice if the whole “we’re not biased” BS that the media continues to pump would go away so there could be honest discussions of what this country needs.

Returning to the line in this post that caught my attention – “We cannot allow the opportunities that America stands for to be eroded by those who simply want to bring this president down,”.  This is inane, partisan BS.  If she really meant this, she’d also be attacking Pelosi for her attacks on Bush that were destroying what America stood for just so Pelosi could try (and fail) to bring the Bush down.  Waters is not apologizing.  I don’t want her to.  What I want is for the equal opportunity for a Republican to say something this inane and not have it called out as racist or some other BS.  A portion of the art in Politics is saying stupid stuff in a manner that your supporters fawn over and agree with – without thinking that their agreement is in some manner indicative of their own low level of intelligence. If Waters can get away with something like this – so should Republicans.

This post is rambling and somewhat incoherent – just like the post’s subject.


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