I Agree –

With InstaPundit -“Wherever “progressive” policies are tried, the result is the same.”

This is in reference to the Investors Business Daily story about the increase in gun violence in Chicago over the last several years and the concurrent loss of private sector jobs.  “Chicago lost 200,000 people from 2000 to 2009. The only one of the nation’s 15 largest cities to lose people. Of all cities, it fell between Detroit, reigning champion of progressive urban decay, and hurricane ravaged New Orleans, in the number of people fleeing to greener pastures.”  Right there between Detroit and New Orleans – such great company to keep.

The increase in Chicago gun violence is disturbing – not because it shows that strict gun control laws and gun buy-back programs don’t work.  It is disturbing because it is counter to the national trend in decreased gun violence [with a dramatic increase in gun sales.]  In this – slightly dated – Examiner story:

In May 2010, the FBI released crime statistics for the period between 2008 and 2009; gun sales soared while the number of murders decreased 7.2 percent in the country. This is an 8.2 percent decrease in the per capita murder rate after the legal and illegal population is considered. This is a 45 year low in the murder rate as of 2009.

Why is Chicago not experiencing the same improvement the rest of the country is?


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