Obama Pulls a Jackson

Andrew Jackson that is.  “John Marshall Roberts has made his decision, now let him enforce it!”  [unless of course, Andrew Jackson never actually said this.]

ADDED: All of the liberal handwringing that’s ongoing w.r.t. the legitimacy of the Supreme Court if the ACA [Obamacare] is declared Unconstitutional seems to have disappeared when it comes to the Executive Branch giving a big ol ‘Get Lost!’ on the immigration decision.  The one provision of SB 1070 that the Supreme Court kept was that law enforcement – when executing other legal and non-discriminatory actions – can ask for proof of residency – and that it is the Executive Branch’s responsibility to enforce this.  The Supreme Court declared the Federal Government to be the sole source of this power – and Obama has declared that he wants nothing to do with it.  While this is a remarkable change from his usual M.O., it’s not surprising.  If Obama is anything, he’s all about acting without principle based on what he wants to do.


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