Nice Work – Yahoo & Reuters

Checking the Finance.Yahoo homepage this morning and there is the news of the unemployment claims increase.  Look at how the wording changes from the front page to the story:

And the actual story:


The “Only” is not on the front page – I’m guessing Reuters added it later – because without the “only” it really seems like they’re reaching.  Adding “only” helps a little – but it is still not consistent with the reporting of employment under the Bush administration.

Typical Reuters correspondent – trying to offer cover for Obama.  It looks like Mutikani’s continuing with cheerleading for Obama – as Newsbuster’sagrees.  “…a pair of reporters at Reuters (Lucia Mutikani and Leah Schnurr) all took advantage of their chance to cheerlead while they had it without telling readers what, based on the previous year’s history, is likely to happen next week.”  The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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