No He Won’t

Give a ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ speech.


“Obama will offer some hope-and-change, there’s-light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel, the-sun-will-come-out-tomorrow convention speech…”

This is completely out of character for 2012 Obama.  He’s going to bash a ‘do-nothing’ Congress [while simultaneously praising Reid] and blame the whole thing on Bush. 

Meanwhile the world economy continues to burn and he’s doing the modern version of fiddling.


Breaking Toes to Achieve Performance Breakthroughs

At the BBC – Paralympic athletes apparently injure themselves to increase performance.  I have to say – damn – not something I would have thought to do.

“When able-bodied competitors engage in hard physical activities like running or swimming, blood pressure and heart rate increase automatically. Athletes with spinal injuries do not get that response. “Boosting” is a short cut to higher blood pressure and the improved performance that comes with it.”

Interesting concept – to boost your adrenaline and heart rate by breaking a bone or two.  Just to achieve improved performance.  Nice that they can avoid the issues that broken toes typically cost.  Shows a different level of dedication than most arm-chair athletes are capable of?

The Cost of Being Green

8% higher heating costs for Milwaukee Downtown area business as a coal plant is converted to natural gas for lower CO2 emissions – story via the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.  An attempt is made to include $20 million in operational savings that the plant operators have discovered – but there is no connection drawn between the two.

The story tries to assign cause equally to lower natural gas prices and environmental regulations – neglecting the fact that it is the increased environmental regulations that are mostly to blame for higher costs of coal.

The switchover will also cost 50 jobs.  Not included in the story is how many of these jobs are lost due to improvements in automation that could have happened without the switch vs those that are lost due to the ease of natural gas combustion.

A Sierra Club member is quoted as saying: “This is what happens when people use their power together.”  Indeed.  The cost of doing business in Milwaukee just got higher.  Note the list of businesses affected by the higher costs: Hotels and MillerCoors.

Finally – “In discussions with investors, We Energies executives have said the company’s move to upgrade its plants before other utilities around the country have to do so, positions its customers to have competitive rates when utilities around the country make the sizable investments to upgrade or convert their coal plants.”  Yep – electricity rates across the state are going to rise due to the increased environmental regulations.

50 direct jobs lost; unknown quantity of indirect jobs lost due to higher electricity rates.

And the Tough Questions Continue

Via Drudge – –

We learn from a New Mexico radio station ,via Washington CBS Local, that Obama’s superpower wish is to be able to speak any language.

The president says he would “love to be able to speak any language,” even though “it might not come in handy to rescue folks from a burning building.” Obama says he’s a “big believer in making connections with people.”

Oh – and his favorite chili is “classic red”.

Really asking the hard questions of him this time.  I didn’t think it would be possible to beat 2008’s ‘What’s it going to be like to be America’s first black President?’ questions – -but you have to hand it to the media – they found a way.

Wisconsin Nice …

My Ass. <via Drudge>

Seriously – what is it with Obama supporters bringing the crude behavior and hate?

What has he done when 83 year old women are out there spitting on people while he’s interviewing at Entertainment Tonight and on New Mexico radio talking about his favorite music <via Politico> :

Obama spoke with Carlos, Kiki and Danny on KOB-FM, Big Ken and Colleen on Star 102.5, People magazine, “Entertainment Tonight” and a handful of local newspapers. (One local newspaper reporter filed a story about how exciting it was to ask Obama a question — without transcribing the answer to the question). In July, he sat for interviews with 35 outlets — 26 of which were local TV stations, newspapers or radio outlets, according to data provided by CBS News White House correspondent Mark Knoller.

Seriously – this guy’s got to go.  I’m not sure how much longer America can handle a chump as President.