Bias – Washington Post

Sean Sullivan – biased Washington Post reporter.

Writing a story purportedly about the DCCC apology to Adelson, Sean feels the need to infuse a little anti-Koch bias into it as well.  Layers upon layers of fact-checkers and editors missed it.  Here:

Thursday’s retraction is a public relations victory for Adelson, who along with the billionaire Koch brothers — also conservatives — have been strongly criticized by Democrats for their immense financial influence on electoral politics this cycle.

Let’s be honest here.  The DCCC made unprovable accusations of profiteering by prostitution and had to apologize.  If Sullivan was an intelligent reporter, would he have used this apology as a place to get a SLD [Standard Liberal Dig] into a prominent conservative?  No, he would not.

Note that in the entire story there is not a single mention of George Soros, the Ford Foundation, or the Tides Foundation.  Thanks, Sean.  Your ‘objectivity’ is most welcome.

I’ve sent some questions to the Washington Post Ombudsman about this.  I’ll update with the response if there is one.


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