More Bias from the Fascists

At Roll Call:

Romney adviser Eric Fehrnstrom dismissed the study by the Tax Policy Center, questioning its authorship and its methodology. But the campaign didn’t release new details of Romney’s plan to defend against the analysis, suggesting instead that the study failed to properly take into account the dynamic effects on the economy from lowering tax rates.

I already pointed out the dynamic effects in my assault on Chait.  Not sure why this is still up for discussion – should be pretty obvious to anyone that knows their head from their rear.

Anyways – newsflash for the Obama team: “Obama’s campaign has already launched a new ad keyed off of the report, charging that Romney would give himself a new tax cut while sticking viewers with the bill, even though Romney’s tax rate in 2010 — 14 percent — is already lower than what many in the middle class pay.”  Romney’s accountants are smarter than your Congress-people.  He’s always going to win.  Unless, of course, you Democrats are really fascists: Don Sensing.


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