Preemptive Strike

Palin puts a preemptive strike on the ‘Replace Biden’ line by suggesting publicly that Obama replace Biden with Hillary Clinton.

The last thing Obama can do is something suggested by Palin.  His supporters have worked themselves into a froth dehumanizing and insulting her.  To use a move she’s suggested would make the Daily Kos’ers, Huffington Post’ers, and Think Progress’ers look like fools.

Additionally, the National Democratic Party’s back bench is pretty bare:

  • Bill Clinton – not eligible
  • Al Gore – kaput
  • John Edwards – not going to happen
  • John Kerry – as-if
  • Harry Reid – opens the door to too much of his corruption
  • Nancy Pelosi – Too old; too divisive; makes a bad situation worse for Obama
  • Jesse Jackson Sr – while interesting; again opens the door to too much corruption
  • Elijah Cummings – too corrupt
  • Henry Waxman – too corrupt and divisive
  • Barney Frank – not likely
  • Jerry Brown – too old; too Biden-esqe
  • Deval Patrick – too closely linked with Obama already
  • Christine Gregorie – brings the segmented women’s vote; too far to the left to restore “Hope & Change”
  • Barbara Boxer – can win CA; that’s about it.
  • Diane Feinstein – Ditto
  • Richard Durbin – too much Illinois corruption on the ticket already
  • Al Franken – too many questions as to how he won the Senate seat in Minnesota already

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