No He Won’t

Give a ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ speech.


“Obama will offer some hope-and-change, there’s-light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel, the-sun-will-come-out-tomorrow convention speech…”

This is completely out of character for 2012 Obama.  He’s going to bash a ‘do-nothing’ Congress [while simultaneously praising Reid] and blame the whole thing on Bush. 

Meanwhile the world economy continues to burn and he’s doing the modern version of fiddling.


McCain Laments Palin’s Gaffes as Distractions from Message – Gets Sympathetic Media

Whoops – Wrong President.

Pres Obama laments – not McCain.  Coverage at the Washington Examiner.

Funny bit: “You know, the country’s not as divided or obsessed with gaffes or some stray remark as Washington is,” said Obama.  Tell this to Senate Candidate Allen with the ‘macaca’ moment replayed endlessly.  Tell it to former Gov Palin who had every comment made run through the press’ “dis-content analyzer” as quickly as they run Obama’s comments for content.

But There Are No Savings

At Reason “Why Elizabeth Warren Wants America to Be More Like Communist China“:

On July 27, the same day Warren announced her new ad, Mr. Obama, campaigning in Virginia, said, “I think it makes sense for us to take half the savings from war and let’s use it to do some nation-building here at home. …”

There are no savings from the war to take half of.  One of the few areas in which I agree with President Obama and the watermelon brigade that backs him is that both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars were not paid for as we fought them – taxes were either left as-is or cut; new loopholes added; fewer people paid them.  Revenue decreased during these wars.  There are no savings from the war to take half of.

While Reason’s issue with Warren is the spending model she’s identifying as ‘ideal’ my complaint is with Obama – this is one more point that makes clear that he has no understanding of the depth of the fiscal hole we were in in 2008 and how much worse it is now.

I’d Say They’ve Done Enough –

RCP Lists the headline as “Wealth Erased: Government Will Need to Do a Lot More – New York Times” but when I clicked the link, the headline was only:


Still – the body of the story includes:

“What’s needed now is even more support, including federal spending on education and public-works projects to create jobs, targeted tax credits for hiring, programs to deliver mortgage relief that supports house prices by keeping Americans in their homes, as well as a renewed commitment to financial regulation to ensure that the system doesn’t melt down again. “

And the self-serving BS of the Editors: “The Republicans — for reasons of ideology and self-serving election-year politics — are determined to block all of these necessary programs.”  Hasn’t Obama done enough? 

Further – Obama is the one that delivered bloated, unworkable budgets to Congress that were voted down 99-0.  How is this really the Republican’s fault?  How does the complete lack of recovery during the first 2 years of Obama’s term when Democrats had complete control of both Houses of Congress fall in the Republican’s lap?  Was there a recovery then that I missed?  Or was the lack of a recovery part of the reason for the “shellacking” that the Democrats got in 2010?